Cyber Monday

20181042 SH 300x202 Cyber MondayWith the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to get online and get ready for Cyber Monday. Lucky for you, these deals aren’t going away. This year, the best online offers are going to be around all week long.

At Natural Source International, Cyber Week will last from December 1st to December 7th.

You’ll find savings on great products from all Natural Source brands: Beljanski® Products, Targetage® and French Secret®. Each day during Cyber Week, a different product will be featured with a special discount.

Make sure to go to the NaturalSource Facebook page daily to get the promo code for the product of the day, then shop till you drop at the Natural Source website.

Find great savings with just a click of the mouse. The best online offers of the year will only be available for one week. Happy shopping!

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There is poison in our food

Since the Industrial Revolution, production of industrial chemicals has risen rapidly. Today, the U.S. generates or imports some 42 billion pounds (19 billion kg) of chemicals per day, leaving us awash in a sea of synthetics.

Screen shot 2014 11 21 at 3.19.14 PM 198x300 There is poison in our foodThese chemicals have a habit of finding their way out of everyday products, into the environment, and ultimately into living organisms. Recently, a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation has revealed that many popular rice products — including Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Cheerios and some baby food — may contain potentially dangerous levels of arsenic. The investigation found that arsenic is not the only poison being served up in our homes. Heavy metals ranging from lead to mercury can be found in many of the nation’s favorite foods.

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Vaccination, vaccination, and more vaccination…

free cheap flu shots ftr 300x187 Vaccination, vaccination, and more vaccination…I went to a pharmacy to buy some toothpaste. The sales lady offered me “free flu shot” on the spot (I could not help but envision her like some devilish temptress: Come on, who could resist free stuff? And you don’t have to wait, we can do it right now, before you take the time to think of it twice…”)

Who is actually paying for the “free” stuff? Who is actually benefitting from it? You or…some big, political heavyweight?

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Halloween and the military

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated by the French and is regarded as an American holiday influenced by the Irish.

halloween skeleton 233x300 Halloween and the military However, since Halloween is the day before the celebration in France of “La Toussaint” on November 1st, and followed by “the Day of the Dead” on November 2nd, we can connect all three. Halloween is about using “humor and ridicule to confront the power of death” (1) – and comes with a supposedly festive display of ghosts, witches and skeletons.

The lobby of my building was decorated with carved pumpkins covered with a spider web; and there was a small skeleton, which reminded me of the one that casually hung in corner of the science classroom when I was in high school.

Speaking of skeletons and bones, I do not know if it is a coincidence, but there has been a number of publications in the press recently about bone density, and the benefits of calcium and vitamin D.

Last week, results were published of a recent clinical trial involving 156 men and 87 women in the U.S. military, which demonstrated the benefit of supplemental calcium and vitamin D during military training to maintain bone density (2). We all may benefit from these supplements without having to go through the drill!

 Halloween and the military Calcium is an essential mineral for the proper development of teeth and bones (Not to mention it’s a huge aid in proper muscle function, nerve signaling, hormone secretion, and blood pressure). And where there’s calcium, there must be vitamin D: the two work together to help the body absorb bone-boosting calcium. However all supplements are not equal, and it is important to choose a mineral form with optimum bioavailability (avoid cheap calcium carbonate, poorly soluble in water), and a natural form of vitamin D3.

To anyone regularly taking a calcium supplement, it is important to balance it with magnesium. Indeed studies have shown that when magnesium intake is low, calcium supplementation may reduce magnesium absorption and retention (3)(4). And, whereas calcium supplementation can have negative effects on magnesium levels, magnesium supplementation actually improves the body’s use of calcium (5).
Finally, do not forget about the benefits of vitamin K2 (menaquinone) when taking calcium supplementation to help direct the calcium to the bones and not the arteries (6).

(1) Portaro, Sam (25 January 1998). A Companion to the Lesser Feasts and Fasts. Cowley Publications p. 199.
(3) Norman DA, Fordtran JS, Brinkley U, et al. Jejunal and ileal adaptation to alterations in dietary calcium. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 1981;67: 1599-603.
(4) Seelig MS. The requirement of magnesium by the normal adult: Summary and analysis of published data. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1964;14:342-90.
(5) Vartanian L, Schwartz, M, Brownell, K. Effects of Soft Drink Consumption on Nutrition and Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. American Journal of Public Health. 2007;97(4):667-675.
(6) Gast et al. (Sep 2009) “A high menaquinone reduces the incidence of coronary heart disease in women”, Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases Vol.19 No.7 pp.504–510.

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From “How come ?” to “How ?”

1982 5 230x300 From “How come ?” to “How ?”

©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.

I always get a kick out of presenting how my late father, Mirko Beljanski, PhD., spent his life studying DNA at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, where he made a fundamental discovery: the secondary structure of DNA is altered when it is exposed to chemicals from the environment.

He went on to demonstrate that the process of DNA destabilization is cumulative and once started, it gains momentum from continued exposure to environmental pollutants. By doing so, he provided the scientific basis to what is now known as environmental medicine.

He also showed how this destabilization of DNA eventually triggers unregulated gene expression and increased DNA replication. This approach was looked upon as revolutionary when first published. (1) Nowadays, the epidemic of cancer has unfortunately fully validated my father’s findings. (By the way, weren’t we supposed to win the war against cancer by 2000?)

Hence the next question: How to AVOID environmental toxins to the fullest possible extent, RESTORE the body’s balance, and ACHIEVE homeostasis?

Recently, I had a full room at the Navel Expo in Melville NY, and my presentation was received with plenty of questions! Obviously my topic: “The Beljanski Approach to Wellness” did resonate well with my audience.

After my talk, many people stopped by the booth of The Beljanski Foundation to purchase books about my father’s work, and get copies of the scientific publications resulting from the recent research programs sponsored by The Foundation.

 From “How come ?” to “How ?”Please visit the website “” and help us fund the new program on glioblastoma! Glioblastoma is a significant challenge because it is the most common and aggressive brain tumor and it is very difficult to treat. Despite improved technology for earlier diagnosis, no significant progress has been made with this cancer. For this reason, The Beljanski Foundation intends to explore the efficacy of the plant extract, Pao pereira, against glioblastoma in laboratory studies and in animal models.

(1) “The Regulation of DNA Replication and Transcription” by Mirko Beljanski, PhD.
Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the original Karger publication, a 3rd Edition has been published, which includes scientific commentary and evidentiary support of Mirko Beljanski’s groundbreaking discoveries provided by Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH.

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