Glow is the Goal

The extreme frenzy about Cyberweek and increased consumption turned me off this year. I went into introspection mode, soul searching about what matters, what happiness is about and  decided that I would not wait for the New Year to commit to some good resolutions.

sport pomme Glow is the GoalI  took some time to think about what makes me happy. “The groundwork of all happiness is good heath” wrote L. Hunt .  Haven’t you noticed how some people are not only looking healthy, but actually glowing?  Is the glow a symptom of  happiness? Does it result from the inner peace that comes with increased wisdom ? – This kind of wisdom that comes with age?  Can one commit to age gracefully?

I lead a pretty busy life, but I have decided that, in my search for happiness, I would put my health first this year, improve my diet and make more time for exercising.  I have also started to take two capsules a day of “Beauty Secret from Within“, a cocktail of natural vitamins to bring radiance to the skin, improve the strength of hair and nails – and one capsule of “Perfect Factor™”  to increase my energy and help  burn my curves when I finally make it to the gym.

Shall I glow?  I don’t know.  But aging gracefully is definitively a goal for 2015.

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The Beljanski Foundation Fundraiser

The Beljanski Foundation fundraiser held on December 4th was a tribute to the legacy of Dr.Mirko Beljanski.

It was an evening filled with camaraderie as many of the donors assembled to attend the preview screening of the “The Beljanski Legacy“, a short film about the life and the major scientific achievements of Mirko Beljanski. This documentary film was enthusiastically received.

Sylvie et Michael Schachter 730x1024 The Beljanski Foundation Fundraiser

Dr Michael Schachter and Sylvie Beljanski

The Foundation’s Scientific Advisor, John Hall, Ph.D., reported the recent promising results achieved on the research of glioblastoma with Pao pereira, that is being funded by the generous donations of Foundation supporters. The event was also an opportunity to pay tribute to Dr. Michael Schachter for his long time unwavering support of the work of Dr. Beljanski.

Please visit and consider contributing to the Foundation’s research mission.

Click here for the press release on “The Beljanski Legacy” premiere.

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Beljanski’s RNA fragments and Jacques Barrot

Screen shot 2014 12 05 at 5.16.34 PM Beljanski’s RNA fragments and Jacques BarrotLast week, the French press reported the passing of Jacques Barrot, former French Minister of Health. At the time when my late father, Mirko Beljanski and Mr. Debat, CEO of the pharmaceutical company “Laboratoires Debat” were discussing the marketing of his RNA fragments, Jacques Barrot, then French Minister of Health told Mr. Debat that none of Debat’s products would ever receive any approval if he continued to collaborate with Dr Beljanski. To his regret, Mr. Debat ended his collaboration with Dr. Beljanski and my father’s patent for the RNA fragments  was put aside. This story is very well recounted by my mother in her book in French “Mirko Beljanski ou la Chronique d’une Fatwa Scientifique“.

In 2004, as a token of appreciation by the French governement, Jacques Barrot was appointed Vice-President of the European Commission, and was responsible for Justice. This is how not only France lost the opportunity to develop a product created in France, but since then, the Debat Pharmaceutical Company has been bought by a Belgian company and Beljanski’s RNA-fragments are distributed in the USA under the name of ReaLBuild® by Natural Source International, Ltd.

What is new is that the company Natural Source International has continued to thoroughly research Beljanski’s RNA fragments, and based on these new results, a new European patent was recently granted to protect this discovery. Will the story repeat itself? Or will a French company be finally interested in this patent?

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Cyber Monday

20181042 SH 300x202 Cyber MondayWith the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to get online and get ready for Cyber Monday. Lucky for you, these deals aren’t going away. This year, the best online offers are going to be around all week long.

At Natural Source International, Cyber Week will last from December 1st to December 7th.

You’ll find savings on great products from all Natural Source brands: Beljanski® Products, Targetage® and French Secret®. Each day during Cyber Week, a different product will be featured with a special discount.

Make sure to go to the NaturalSource Facebook page daily to get the promo code for the product of the day, then shop till you drop at the Natural Source website.

Find great savings with just a click of the mouse. The best online offers of the year will only be available for one week. Happy shopping!

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There is poison in our food

Since the Industrial Revolution, production of industrial chemicals has risen rapidly. Today, the U.S. generates or imports some 42 billion pounds (19 billion kg) of chemicals per day, leaving us awash in a sea of synthetics.

Screen shot 2014 11 21 at 3.19.14 PM 198x300 There is poison in our foodThese chemicals have a habit of finding their way out of everyday products, into the environment, and ultimately into living organisms. Recently, a Channel 4 Dispatches investigation has revealed that many popular rice products — including Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, Cheerios and some baby food — may contain potentially dangerous levels of arsenic. The investigation found that arsenic is not the only poison being served up in our homes. Heavy metals ranging from lead to mercury can be found in many of the nation’s favorite foods.

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