The MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV) continues to kill in Asia

MERS coronavirus

MERS coronavirus

Last week, I received the French newsletter “Lettre des Français du Monde- ADFE” No. 101. An entire section has been devoted to the MERS coronavirus. Here is what it said: The MERS-CoV, raging mainly in the Middle East, has now affected South Korea and Thailand. This is the largest outbreak outside Saudi Arabia, where up until now the vast majority of cases have been reported.

When this contagion, similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), emerged in the Republic of Korea, the World Health Organization (WHO) convened its Emergency Committee on June 17 to evaluate the situation. WHO stated the spread of MERS-CoV was “a wake up call for all countries” and attributed the outbreak to the “lack of knowledge” of health care staff and general public. No vaccine or specific treatment is currently available and care consists mainly in hospital intensive care or specialized units. Continue reading

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Aren’t we lucky?

Deepak Chopra says that luck is opportunity meeting readiness. What is true for humans can also be said of companies.

Last week I was invited to a conference”Inspiring Innovation: Translating Disruptive Innovation into Growth” organized by Bloomberg and  the Switzerland Global Enterprise. The meeting was essentially to celebrate the ability of some companies to innovate, accepting the risks, looking at failures as an opportunity to learn and do better, and constantly seeking to improve processes. For my part, I have a real satisfaction with all the research that now confirms the interest in the Targetage® brand — an innovation for Natural Source, which for years had only offered the Beljanski® Products.

The initial idea for Targetge® was “When we know how environmental toxins destabilize our DNA, why wait? We should immediately start to eliminate them and strengthen our immune system.” But now it seems that every week new publications emerge, justifying the multiple benefits of many of these products. Continue reading

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New Research Program on Glioblastoma


Beau Biden

The recent death of Beau Biden, son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, reminds us of what an intractable disease brain cancer is.

Details of his exact diagnosis have not been released but it is probable that Biden succumbed to glioblastoma, a common and fast growing type of brain cancer. Biden was originally diagnosed in 2013. After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation he entered remission and returned to work. The cancer recurred this spring.

Why aren’t treatments more effective?
One of the principal challenges in treating brain cancers is identifying anti-tumor agents that can cross the blood brain barrier—the natural filter that prevents potential neurotoxins from reaching and damaging the brain. Dr. Beljanski showed that the active compounds in his Pao pereira extract do cross the blood brain barrier and so may exert their anti-tumor effect on brain cancers, including glioblastoma.

The Beljanski Foundation is now sponsoring a new research program focused on providing an improved treatment. The Beljanski Foundation is collaborating with researchers at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) to study the effectiveness of a plant extract, Pao pereira that has been shown to have a broad spectrum of anti-cancer activity. The French scientist Mirko Beljanski, PhD, at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, developed this extract.

indigo_fight_cancerPreliminary data from cell-based studies at UCSF are positive. Please help The Beljanski Foundation complete this unique and extraordinary work on natural compounds with anticancer potential.

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Accountability, tracability, GMPs…

The_Pentagon_January_2008Just a few months ago, New York’s Attorney General tried to impose on dietary supplement manufacturers a new DNA test to allegedly trace the identity of the botanicals used for dietary supplements(1). All the experts in the industry agreed that the DNA test was appropriate to test whole botanicals, but not extracts – as not all botanical extracts contain DNA, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) legally required under FDA standards allowed for other validated testing methods, such as HPLC and HPTLC.

In the meantime, the press lashed out at the dietary supplement industry as a whole, citing lack of policies, traceability, calling for a complete overhaul, etc…

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Doing the right thing, even when nobody’s looking.

A wake of scandals has shaken the world of cancer charities. According to the Federal Trade Commission and 58 law enforcement partners from every state, four organizations conned donors out of $187 million from 2008 through 2012. Two of those charities, the Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America are being dissolved.(1)


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