Cut into slices! Who benefits?

cancer ribbon 300x298 Cut into slices! Who benefits?The current trend is to cut problems into slices and create a “cancer awareness month” for specific organs. So January seems to be Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Who made that decision? Why choose to go cancer-by-cancer from month-to-month? Is it to ensure the promotion of a particular type of treatment protocol? And the more protocols there are, the more patents and money make their way into the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry?

Years of fundamental research in oncology have shown that all cancers have a common denominator: destabilized DNA (Dr. Mirko Beljanski was a forerunner, but this is now widely confirmed). However, natural non-toxic plant-based products exist that can recognize and selectively block the replication of the DNA. Thereby, they prevent the survival of cancer cells wherever they are.
That is why they work on all kinds of cancer. Dr. Beljanski’s last scientific publication confirmed the activity of an extract of Pao on 16 different cancer cells lines and the recent US publications have confirmed its activity in vitro and in vivo on the prostate, pancreas and ovaries. A publication on glioblastoma is expected this year, which will confirm again Mirko Beljanski’s previous results.
So why cut into slices?

Dr. Beljanski’s results and subsequent research validation are discussed and commented on by various experts in the documentary film: “The Beljanski Legacy” that was recently presented by the Beljanski Foundation.

The film will soon be the subject of several public viewings:
February 12th: Ridgewood, NJ
March 29th: Mondo Well, NYC
May 3rd: Navel Expo, NY

If you are interested in organizing a viewing of the documentary with interactive discussions, please contact the Beljanski Foundation at

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The everyday detox program for everybody

Believe it or not, your body may be carrying around 5 to 10 pounds of toxic waste, which interferes with your ability of reach your health target, feel good and be well.

 The everyday detox program for everybodyEveryday our body is bombarded by harsh toxins and chemicals from our surrounding environment. Chemicals, pesticides, hormones and other pollutants are found in all the processed foods we eat, and often in the water we drink and the air we breathe. Even soap may induce cancer, according to recent research.(1)

Under natural circumstances, the body is able to eliminate many of these toxic substances safely provided that it is getting proper nutrition and the organs of detoxification are functioning at optimal levels. The problem is, most of us are not functioning at our optimal levels due to stress, poor sleep, and vitamin deficiencies.
That’s where a detox can help!

This detox program is not sufficient to address any serious, life-threatening, health issue, but may bring you relief if you often have:
• Headaches     • Low energy   • Indigestion   • Constipation   • Skin conditions such as acne
• Insomnia   • Belly weight gain   • Chronic yeast infections   • Eczema  • Excess weight
• Mood swings Continue reading

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Hippocrates is hotter than ever!

Hippocrates famously wrote 2000 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine”, but that was not working for the pharmaceutical industry who needed patented drugs to make money. We lost our way, junk food made us sick and drugs failed us, while financial crisis forced us to rethink everything.

hippocrates Hippocrates is hotter than ever! Nowdays, even the most ardent supporters of “evidence-based medicine” who reject anything but thousand-subject randomized controlled trials agree that our healthcare system is in critical need of effective preventive intervention methods that are made available well before drugs need to be prescribed. A number of new developments in preventive care have emerged, including dietary coaching, telemedicine, and, yes, dietary supplements as part of the daily regimens recommended by an increasing number of doctors Scientists, physicians, and funding sources worldwide are joining the movement in large numbers.

An article recently published in the Journal of Dietary Supplements,“From Science to Finance—A Tool for Deriving Economic Implications from the Results of Dietary Supplement Clinical Studies,” explores a potential cost-benefit analysis tool that when applied to a high-risk population, (adults over 55 with coronary heart disease (CHD) who take omega-3 or B vitamin dietary supplements), can result in the reduction of the individual’s odds of experiencing a costly medical bill.
According to the authors of the report, just for the US and just for adults concerned with CHD, the savings would be an average of $ 1.5 billion in avoided expenditures per year and a cumulative of $ 12.1 billion in avoided expenditures between 2013-2020.

Hippocrates is hotter than ever! Let’s hope that the power of lobbyists representing powerful private interests will not interfere with what is good for us individually and as a society.

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Happy New Year!

1F8C4C41 3CF1 41EB 9585 433C01BAB7B9 Happy New Year!In a world filled with violence and chaos, there is still a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life– happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — ​a​re always attained by giving them to someone else.

​May the New Year be filled with your giving

Warmest Best Wishes

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Glow is the Goal

The extreme frenzy about Cyberweek and increased consumption turned me off this year. I went into introspection mode, soul searching about what matters, what happiness is about and  decided that I would not wait for the New Year to commit to some good resolutions.

sport pomme Glow is the GoalI  took some time to think about what makes me happy. “The groundwork of all happiness is good heath” wrote L. Hunt .  Haven’t you noticed how some people are not only looking healthy, but actually glowing?  Is the glow a symptom of  happiness? Does it result from the inner peace that comes with increased wisdom ? – This kind of wisdom that comes with age?  Can one commit to age gracefully?

I lead a pretty busy life, but I have decided that, in my search for happiness, I would put my health first this year, improve my diet and make more time for exercising.  I have also started to take two capsules a day of “Beauty Secret from Within“, a cocktail of natural vitamins to bring radiance to the skin, improve the strength of hair and nails – and one capsule of “Perfect Factor™”  to increase my energy and help  burn my curves when I finally make it to the gym.

Shall I glow?  I don’t know.  But aging gracefully is definitively a goal for 2015.

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