Diet and lifestyle necessary to achieve healthy aging

Jama logo resizeWalter Willet, editorial writer for JAMA (the esteemed ‘Journal of the American Medical Association’) once wrote, “The commonly held belief that aging routinely requires pharmacological management has unfortunately led to neglect of diet and lifestyle as the primary means of achieving healthy aging”. What better way for the Medical Association to say that disease is a result of poor lifestyle, excess toxins or nutrient deficiency? Therefore it is reversible, with the proper diet (including dietary supplements), and proper lifestyle (including regular use of “clean” personal care products) should be our primary staple for achieving healthy aging.

Mirko Beljanski’s work showing a causal link between cancer and exposure to carcinogens in the environment made him a pioneer in environmental medicine.

Instead of continuing with the old paradigm of the ‘80s—namely, that cancers are caused by mutations in the genetic code that ultimately lead to uncontrolled cell division, the hallmark of most tumor cells, M. Beljanski focused on the damaging effects of carcinogens on DNA structure.  (Beljanski’s observations on the central role of DNA destabilization in cancer have since been reproduced by Donald Malins at the Pacific Northwest Research Institute in Seattle, Washington).

The good news is that if cancer results from a progressive and cumulative destabilization of the DNA, then we have the power to act—eliminate toxins and prevent cellular destabilization and multiplication. This is a new avenue of research, so far very promising in the cancer field, which for the first time, empowers the patient.

Now, according to JAMA, this approach encompasses not only the fight against cancer, but could work for the entire aging process!

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My 20 minutes with the Oprah magazine Beauty Editor!

Valerie Monroe - O, Oprah MagazineLast week, I ventured to the beauty floor of Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York flagship store for its fourth annual national Beauty Editors Day and the 25th anniversary of the Look Good Feel Better program.

The event was meant “to help women undergoing cancer treatments to lift their spirits and self-esteem through complimentary beauty consultations and workshops.” It was the opportunity to meet with the top beauty editors from some of the most renown print and online publications in the country. Because I am a follower of Oprah’s Supersoul Sunday Program, I requested an appointment with Valerie Monroe, Beauty Chief Editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. In a crowded tea room turned press room for the occasion, Valerie generously gave me about 20 minutes of undivided attention, listening to the story of the Beljanski Foundation, and the natural approach to cancer. She seemed genuinely interested, and I left her with a copy of Dr. Coles’s book Extraordinary Healing. I hope she will find it interesting.

But the best part was…to be complimented on my skin…. by a beauty Editor!  I just could not believe it!  This is a real statement on the benefit of French Secret® skincare, and today, I had to send her a handful of samples.  I will let you know if something comes out of it.

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How to Prove a Natural Compound Can Treat Cancer

EpochtimeThe Beljanski Foundation is pleased to share an article about its mission and research program that was published this week. In an extensive Q&A in Epoch Times, “How to Prove a Natural Compound Can Treat Cancer” explains the rigorous scientific work of Mirko Beljanski, PhD that showed a causal link between cancer and exposure to carcinogens in the environment. The article also provides an overview of the current research program The Beljanski Foundation supports to validate and extend Dr. Beljanski’s original studies of natural extracts with non-toxic anti-cancer properties.

“The most important issue is to make sure from the start that the natural product to be studied has a significant and reproducible biological activity that has a positive effect on health.”

The Beljanski Foundation hopes the article will provide informative background on the clinical trials of the natural compounds Beljanski discovered, and welcomes the opportunity to speak with you about the research and educational programs the Foundation sponsors.

Please contact The Beljanski Foundation now to learn more.

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An inflammatory situation!

NSAIDSEarlier this month, the FDA announced it would be strengthening its warnings on non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. They are typically used to relieve the pain or fever that results from a variety of conditions. Some of the brands that will have the updated warnings include Celebrex, Advil, Aleve, and Daypro.

It is important to know that there are safer alternatives to reduce inflammation:

Although large body of research has shown that extracts of the bark of the Pao pereira tree exhibit anti-cancer activity, more recent studies have focused on the anti-inflammatory effects of Pao pereira. One study showed that Pao pereira exerts a direct effect on NFKappaB—a principal regulator of the inflammation response. By suppressing activation of NFKappaB, the Pao pereira extract can inhibit downstream expression of pro-inflammatory genes. 1

Also, removing toxins that create inflammation should come first. A good food sensitivity testing should indicate what is the culprit and help address the cause of the problem. Parasites and leaky gut can also induce a chronic state of inflammation. A product like Puriperfect® can help eliminate abdominal toxins.

Finally, golden Gingko extract, enzymes, probiotics, and quality purified fish oil, should be part of the supplements that are added to your diet on a daily basis to help fight off the pain.

1- Jun Yan, PhD and Al. “Pao pereira Extract Suppresses Castration- Resistant Prostate Cancer Cell Growth, Survival and Invasion Through Inhibition of NFkB Signaling Integrative Cancer Therapies 2013, Vol XX(X) 1–10.

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Sharkie, the little shark

The poor little shark was desperate.

A few days earlier, his mother had just been caught in fishing gear and died. His father had died long ago a victim of shark finning. Shark fins are particularly sought after for traditional Chinese medicine and shark fin soup which is considered a delicacy in Asia.

Sharkie had been looking for a place to stay, rest and grieve, ideally one with mangroves and reefs, but he could not find one. The water was too hot, and weighed down, with plastic bubbles floating around, and a vague, disgusting, smell of hydrocarbure. He was hungry. He would have feasted on anything, from anchovies to seal lion, but the ocean seemed empty! His mother had told him to stay in deep waters, away from the coast, but now, it seemed like there was no other option …

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