Energy: the good, the bad and the ugly!

eau du robinet en feu Energy: the good, the bad and the ugly!

Tap water on fire

Everybody around the world uses energy. The concern for energy independence has led countries with few natural resources (such as gas, oil and coal) to develop different methods to produce energy. Energy choices are numerous, and consequences are drastic for our planet.

A few weeks ago, there was an explosion in the Indian Point nuclear power plant on the banks of the Hudson River, just 30 miles north of New York City, when an electric transformer caught fire. According to Jerry Nappi, spokesman for the plant’s owner, the problem was purely electric, the reactor itself was not damaged, and there would have been no impact on radiation safety.

But who wants to live near a nuclear power plant releasing a cloud of black smoke?

And who wants to live close to a nuclear waste storage center … radiation for centuries? Continue reading

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Sporty Chemicals

sydney leroux coppertone Sporty ChemicalsThis week, Bayer HealthCare, makers of Coppertone Sunscreen, signed a multiyear partnership with the U.S. Soccer Federation and the National Women’s Soccer League making this product their official sunscreen.1 The sunscreen will be given as samples at local team games and will also be provided in the locker room of the U.S. Soccer Federation.2 So now, we will have professional soccer players and their spectators slathering on chemicals supposedly to protect their skin. Can you imagine how many more people will have ready access to this SPF 100 sport spray that claims to ‘stay on strong when you sweat’. Continue reading

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Your Vote Counts!

Now that the European Union has approved the import of 19 genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that many see as a slap in the face to democracy and a boost to corporate giants, it is even more important to give a voice to those who defend an alternative approach to wellness.

Screen shot 2015 02 04 at 5.10.37 PM Your Vote Counts!The action call of the day is to vote for Darke Mission by Scott Caladon, which is currently up for the People’s Book Prize in the Fiction category.

It’s about JJ Darke, a James Bond type of character, who is fighting cancer at the same time he is stopping North Korean spies and blackmailers. Luckily, he has Beljanski Products to help win the most important of his battles.

The fact that an effective natural solution to cancer has become a plot point in a modern novel is why you need to support it.

Please vote for Darke Mission and help promote the fight against cancer using Beljanski Products! Visit:

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Wellness Walk in Huntington

Last Saturday was the perfect day for a Wellness Walk. Members and friends of The Beljanski Foundation joined its president, Monique Beljanski and a team from Natural Source International Ltd. to celebrate health as they walked through the streets of Huntington Village in Long Island, NY. The purpose of this “march” was to support The Beljanski Foundation’s research program, which is focused on finding a natural solution to cancer, a major social problem.

FullSizeRender5 Wellness Walk in Huntington

Left to right: Sylvie Beljanski and Monique Beljanski

Since the famous Nixon appeal to the Senate in 1970, launching the “war against cancer” billions of dollars were spent, and we still have no solution in sight. One reason may be that the pharmaceutical companies, eager for profit, have no interest with natural molecules, which cannot be patented.

Continue reading

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Come walk with us!

BF Web Banner Walk Come walk with us!

Back in the early 1990’s, Dr. Mirko Beljanski studied Glioblastoma cells and he researched the anti-cancer properties that the Pao pereira extract had on this aggressive brain tumor. Today, the research program of the Beljanski Foundation is supporting new research to capitalize on the original discoveries and bring new hope to those suffering with this extremely difficult disease.

On Saturday, April 18th, we are “taking to the streets” to raise awareness and donations for this new research program. At noon, the Beljanski Cancer-Free Wellness Walk and Lunch Party will kick-off at 2 High Street (at New York Ave) in Huntington, NY.

I’m walking, along with a team from Natural Source and a number of friends and Beljanski Foundation supporters. After the walk, lunch will be served and there will be speeches and raffles. I hope you will join the fun! If you need more information, contact

If you can’t make it and want to help support research on natural solutions to cancer and specifically this very tough one – Glioblastoma – please go to The Beljanski Foundation website and make a donation.

Every step will help!

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