Natural alternative to benzodiazepines

Each year, it is estimated between 15 and 30 percent of the population in developed countries are prescribed drugs known as benzodiazepines (Valium®, Xanax®, Ativan®, etc.) for anxiety and insomnia, even though research shows that adults over 65 who used benzodiazepines were 50 percent more likely to develop dementia over a 15-year period.1 There are times when a prescription drug may help restore balance to your body, but the risks in taking them are sometimes simply too great…

Safe and effective ways to address anxiety and sleep disorder include:

Confused Thinking 300x214 Natural alternative to benzodiazepines • Dramatically decrease your consumption of sugar (particularly fructose), grains, and processed foods. In addition to being high in sugar and grains, processed foods also contain a variety of additives that can affect your brain function and mental state. MSG and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame are especially harmful.

• Increase consumption of fermented foods such as fermented vegetables and kefir to promote healthy gut flora.

• Optimize your Vitamin D levels, ideally through regular sun exposure, or at least natural Vitamin D3 as this supports a positive mood and your mental health.

• Get plenty of Omega-3 fats. Research from Karolinska Institute, Sweden, presented in the Journal of Internal Medicine, indicates that Omega-3 fatty acids in dietary supplements can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and thus allow these essential acids to reach the brain. The Swedish researchers found that this can have significant implications as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s.2 Omega-3 fatty acids provide many additional benefits according to Gómez-Pinilla, a member of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute and Brain Injury Research Center, who analyzed more than 160 studies about food’s affect on the brain. Improved learning capabilities and memory, along with helping to fight mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, and dementia are associated with intake of Omega-3 fatty acids.3

(1)Billioti de Gage, S, Bégaud, B, Bazin, F, et al. Benzodiazepine use and risk of dementia: prospective population based study. BMJ 2012;345:e6231.

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Benzodiazepines make the headlines!

alzheimer brain 290x300 Benzodiazepines make the headlines!According to a study recently released in the British Medical Journal, benzodiazepine use is associated with a significantly increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (1). Both French and American media reported the news because benzodiazepines are widely used around the world. They are found in many anti-anxiety drugs (such as Xanax®) and sleeping pills (such as Stilnox®).

According to The Los Angeles Times, the study results show those who took the cumulative equivalent of daily doses for three to six months over a five-year period were roughly 32% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who took none. Also, those who took the cumulative equivalent of a full daily dose for more than six months were 84% more likely to do so. Continue reading

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The 23rd Picnic of CIRIS

PICNIC INTERVENTION MONIQUElow 300x200 The 23rd Picnic of CIRISThe 23rd annual CIRIS Picnic took place in France, and once again brought together hundreds of people who came to share their testimonials and to learn from others who shared theirs!

This type of openness is truly a life-saving gesture. At the event, the weather was idyllic, friendships grew stronger, and compassion was on the menu all day.

Continue reading

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A film noir with a happy ending!

220px Arsenic And Old Lace Poster 199x300 A film noir with a happy ending!Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Arsenic poisoning.  I had been suffering from extreme fatigue for some time, which the doctors could not diagnose or find a cause. Finally, a naturopath tested me for heavy metal toxicity. Arsenic sounded like a film noir story, but I learned that many people suffer from heavy metal toxicity and just don’t know it.

“Sometimes this happens” he told me. “Some people have heavy metal sensitivity, and soak it up like a sponge. It can be in the water supply, in poultry… in lots of things”. It usually comes in very small doses that don’t really make an impact. Until, that is, the metals accumulate to a dangerous point, and can affect your health in many negative ways. The resulting extreme fatigue, if left untreated, may have affected my immune system. And my levels of arsenic were so high that the doctor suggested IV chelation therapy, which wiped me out.  I hated the experience. But after 17 sessions, I was feeling better, and the arsenic levels were back down to a normal range.

 My concern was that if my body acted like an arsenic sponge before, it would again ‹and I did not want to endure the exhaustion or the harsh IV treatment ever again. This experience inspired me to develop a product promoting gentle oral chelation in order to avoid heavy metal buildup. “Signature Chelate by Sylvie Beljanski®” is made of several detoxifying ingredients that work synergistically to help capture and eliminate heavy metals.

I am pleased to report that I just did a five years check up, and my heavy metals are still in the normal range.

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DSC0026 300x199 The CIRIS

Picnic 2013 – CIRIS

I am happy to report that I will be traveling to France soon to attend the annual picnic of CIRIS, which will be held near Bordeaux on September 7th.

CIRIS, a French non-profit organization, works closely with The Beljanski Foundation, a U.S. 501(c)3 organization, to promote the exchange of information stemming from the innovative research of my father, Mirko Beljanski, PhD.

This year, at the 23rd annual picnic, I will present the latest research findings from The Beljanski Foundation on Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria, and I look forward to meeting many CIRIS members and hearing their testimonials about the benefits of these extracts. Click here to read existing testimonials.

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